Tarkka Homes, Inc
Serving southern and central New Hampshire 


Front ElevationIN THE BEGINNING, we meet with potential clients to discuss the general parameters of a project, talking about design elements, budgets and the construction process. We use photos, example documents and building plans to familiarize you with what we build and how we build it. Once we have a basic understanding of what you would like for a home or major remodeling project, we can start to develop an estimate and specifications. We use these preliminary consultations to explore the possibilities of your building project. These early visioning sessions are important to get your building project started on the right track.

Driveway Roughed InIF YOU NEED LAND, we are available to visit properties that you are interested in or we can propose a land search service to identify the high quality lots that fit your needs. Suitability of the site for the type of home proposed is vital. We are very familiar with land and the hidden costs that you need to know about before you commit.

YOUR HOME DESIGN begins once we have the parameters and budget of the project laid out. We design floorplans in house and we have great relations with architects for clients who want added consultation and WOW factor. Estimate updates coincide with plan changes to keep you in control of the construction budget.

AND THEN WE BUILD YOUR NEW HOME or remodeling project according to the plans and specifications that we have developed. You stay informed on the progress of the work and the selection items that you need to provide. We assist our clients with the tough decisions of colors, cabinet styles, floorings and everything else that makes the home uniquely yours.